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The Red Icon (Book 6)

Publication date:

UK publication date - April 2015

US publication date - September 2015


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The Red Icon

  • It is 1944. The German Army crumbles before the unstoppable tide of advancing Soviet forces.

    In the midst of the fighting, two Russian soldiers seek refuge in the crypt of a German church. There, clutched in the hands of the skeleton of a priest, they find The Shepherd: a priceless icon, last seen in the possession of the mad monk, Rasputin, who held the Romanov family in his thrall.

    When news of the icon's discovery reaches Moscow, Stalin summons his most trusted investigator, Inspector Pekkala. To unravel the secret of the icon's past, Pekkala traces its last known whereabouts to a band of self-mutilating radicals, who were huted to extinction years ago by the Bolshevik Secret Police. Or so it was believed.

    With the reappearance of the icon, they have returned to claim the treasure they say belongs to them, bringing with them a chemical weapon of the utmost power.

    Only Pekkala can stop them.